About Us

About Us

Founded in 2006 by Arjun Jewellers. Arjun Jewellers have over 14 years experience and expertise in the beautiful world of jewellery. Arjun Jewellers is the brand which knows what a women really wants! Just Variety, Value & Look. To achieve this, we adapt with the latest trends in the luxury word and curate the most memorable pieces which shall give you a look of a much higher perceived value. Our mission is to make fine jewellery. So, while the world is moving towards more responsible. Arjun jewelers urges you to “Change your mined “ and shine Responsibly!

We are a leading manufacturing fine diamond jewellery – servicing prominent retailers including retail store, catalog companies, and internet retailers on our list of satisfied clients across the world. We carry the latest designs in fine diamond and silver jewellery in a variety of Necklaces, Earrings, Bridal Rings, Bracelets and Pendants. Also we provide a complete range of products and service for jewellery.

At Arjun Jewellers is not a product, but rather an expression of art. Arjun Jewellers today is a leading Jewellery brand from Rajkot Gujarat. Known for its intricate craftsmanship and Beautiful styles. In the heart of gold and diamond park, it can customize jewellery in Yellow, white, rose gold and silver. Arjun Jewellers prides itself on its quality, one to one service and aftercare. Arjun has some of the most creative craftsmen in our workshop. Come visit our showroom in Rajkot Gujarat.

“ Jewellery has the power
to be this one little thing
that can make you feel unique. “


Our vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it.

To Understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewellery. And spread the happiness from it to all.


Our mission declares our purchase of existence as a company and our objectives.

To give every customer much more than what he/she for in terms of quality, selection, value for money and customer service, by understanding local tastes and preferences and innovation constantly to eventually provide an unmatched experience in jewellery shopping.

MD/Exclusive Director

Today , when I look around me, business is all about top lines, bottom line and market capitalization. But Arjun Jewellers entered into business in a pre-independent India to build a better India, as our forefathers believed ethical, fair business will make India self – sufficient and strong.

We have always believed in fair and transparent business. We have believed that the customer should be understood so well that we know his needs much before he understands them himself. We have believed that an enlightened customer is the best customer. These are the simple principles that have Us reach where we are today.

Today, Arjun Jewellers 2 retail stores. Pampered by your unbound love and support and with the blessings of the almighty, We believe we are in the right path towards the accomplishment of our vision to open store and serve customers across the world.

Customer Stories

The most reliable and great service! Totally satisfied with the service. Absolutely you are our only choice for all future purchase.


Really appreciate the sales man which we deals with, Arjun Jewellers the way they approaches the customers and train their staff also well and good.


We are very satisfied with the service provided by Arjun Jewellers. And we are very happy to purchase in Arjun Jewellers. Thank you for the good service